(Please note that clients do not always accept my corrections and suggestions and that errors you might see on links to examples of my work may not represent my errors.)

Journal Articles

I have asked Melissa to edit a number of articles for academic journals. Melissa is a wonderful, professional editor who also has an excellent turnaround time. As a non-native speaker of English, I require someone who can check my grammar. As an academic, I have a tendency to become wordy, create long sentences, and begin to write academese that may be difficult to understand for my intended audience. Melissa takes care of all of these things and much more – she double-checks my bibliography and formats my papers according to the sometimes-complicated style sheets of various presses. Her skills have helped me get articles accepted in two of the most prestigious journals in my field. The reviewers were impressed with the way the articles combined simplicity and eloquence, and the editors of the journals commended me on the careful preparation of the manuscripts. I could not be happier with Melissa’s work, and I look forward to working with her on my book manuscript.

Sebastian Heiduschke, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Language, Culture, and Society
Oregon State University

Resumés, Cover, Query, and Business Letters

Melissa's work on my resume was outstanding.  Her perspective and painstaking attention to detail were absolutely invaluable!  My resume is now completely polished and professional, and that gives me great confidence when applying for positions.  I highly recommend Melissa's writing and editing talents!

Elizabeth Colquhoun

Melissa did a superb job of taking my complex and varied experience and organizing it into a resume highlighting my skills. She was excellent to work with and provided expert advice, guidance and of course editing. She is professional, detailed, timely and a joy to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Lisa Warren

I liked the resumes and I thought you were very professional in building my resume. I would have no problem recommending you to anyone that needed your services.

Don Bumgardner


I was in the process of developing a web site for a client that I felt the content needed to be edited. I contacted Melissa to do that for me. I provided her the web content and she had it edited for me in a couple of days. When I received her report and recommendations on the web site content I was truly surprised by the level of detail, including the rationale for her changes. It was very much more than I expected.
I found Melissa's work to be affordable, exacting, and just what I and my client needed. I have asked to her be work with me and edit other web sites I develop.

John Hood-Fysh
Wordsworth and More  |  Custom Web Design and More
http://www.wwmore.com  |  541.220.8541

Links to other websites:
Alexa Shuman,
Webrock Design

Theses and Dissertations

Many thx for your very good work and help on my dissertation. Your assistance has made it possible to move ahead quickly—what a Christmas present!

Cam Preus, Ed.D.
OSU School of Education
Two Oregon Governors: The Role of Perceptions in Community College State Budget Development

What I most appreciated about working with Melissa Weintraub was her combination of competence and urgency.  She knows her craft, and she had the same level of urgency about the success of my thesis as I did.  It was like having a partner

Ryan Leary, Masters of Science
Rangeland Ecology and Management
Winterfat Seed Viability and Dormant Season Livestock Grazing

Links to other dissertations in the OSU Library:
Rachel Dilts, A Summative Evaluation of a Dolphin Assisted Therapy Program for Children with Special Needs
Dana Doerksen, The Change in Alcohol Consumption of Important People to Clients


A good fiction writer needs three things to be successful: a compelling story, good writing habits and a great editor. I was fortunate to work with Melissa Weintraub, as my editor, on my last novel, Dutch Clarke – the Early Years. She was on point with her language usage and detailed in her well thought out story comments. Her professional input added true value to my final manuscript. When I started my current project, Boy Chief (a 16th century sea novel), I knew that I needed Melissa again. Her work on the first few chapters has helped me with character development, story continuity, and the usage of period language. If you’re looking for an excellent editor, I highly recommend Melissa Weintraub.

Brian D. Ratty

Melissa Weintraub worked with me to insure that my book manuscript (eventually published as
Situating Composition: Composition Studies and the Politics of Location) met the specifications of my publisher, Southern Illinois University Press. She checked to be sure that the format met the press's specifications (in terms of spacing, font size, etc.) She also read the manuscript to insure that all references in the Works Cited appeared in the text, and vice-versa.

I found Melissa to be professional in every respect. When Southern Illinois University's editor (and later freelance copyeditor and indexer) reviewed my manuscript, they did not discover any errors in the work that Melissa did with the manuscript.

Lisa Ede, Ph.D
Professor of English
Director of the Center for Writing and Learning
Oregon State University

Baylor Press

Vicki Tolar Burton
Professor of English
Director of the Writing Intensive Curriculum


Friend: Melissa Weintraub proved to be just the person I needed to write my life story. She had a ready understanding of my life story. In just two sessions the story was completed and proved to be just the essence of my life. I found her to be charming and pleasant to work with. We ended as if we were long time friends. The completed copy was perfect! I was grateful for her kindness and insight (and the price was right).

Mariellen Harper

Artist/Artwork Profiles

With very short notice, Melissa Weintraub was able to edit and polish my writing so that it was concise, clear and fluid. At the same time, she was able to retain my natural voice and make my intentions clear to the reader.

I am very appreciative of her work. She was professional and communicated clearly how to adapt her changes into my work. I would use her again any time.

Linda Erwin, Glass Artist

Even someone who has made his living from his writing, as I have, can benefit from having a second set of eyes look at the material. Whether it is just in catching the occasional misspelling or typo, to offering a fresh viewpoint on what I am trying to communicate, Melissa's editing and suggestions have always proven useful and thought provoking.

John Ginn, Writer/Photographer
Valley Arts Blog

Graduate School Essays

Melissa provided complete, prompt and accurate service. I will definitely work with her the next time editing services are needed.

Darin Short, graduate student and Intercultural Trainer and Consultant

I was a bit skeptical asking someone to edit my essay. I felt that they would charge me a ton and then only proceed to do one spelling correction.

I was proven very wrong. Melissa was extremely fair and honest with her price. More importantly, she rearranged sentences and put words together that allowed my essay to run smoothly and with more clarity. I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs professional assistance on writing.

Tanya S.