This section outlines how DoubleCheck operates. If you have other questions about the process, just contact me!

Our Interactions

I generally work with all my clients online, using email to communicate needs, contract terms, and texts. If you’d like to meet in person, we can meet a coffee shop (a quiet one!) or a library. Other locations are negotiable.


Word Processing Programs Used
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Word for Mac
  • Pages '09
    • Note: In general, there has been no difficulty in transferring information between a PC and an Apple.


For both your and DoubleCheck’s protections, I require you to sign a contract. The PDFs for them are below, and you can read them at your leisure. Please let me know about any questions or concerns. Schedule A is the page in which we detail what DoubleCheck will do and when, as well as provide an estimate of price and time.
  • Note: I try to estimate high for both cost and time. If I find that I am reaching our agreed-upon time or cost, I will contact you, and we can decide how to proceed.

For Theses, Dissertations, and Manuscripts
Theses, Dissertations, Manuscripts

For Resumes and Cover Letters
Resumes and Cover Letters